Shophouse Paradise Walk is the first subdivision of the Sun Festival Avenue component of the Hon Thom Paradise Island super project introduced to investors by Sun Property in June 2022. This is a commercial subdivision with 106 shophouses stretching from East to West and is also the largest square on Hon Thom Paradise Island – Broadway (New York), Abbey (London) or Champs-Elysees (Paris). .. of the future pearl island, lit up 24/7 and bustling throughout 12 festival seasons.


Project name PARADISE WALK 
Location  Hòn Thơm island, An Thới district, Phú Quốc city, Kiên Giang
Investor  Sun Group
Type of real estate Shophouse
Quantity 106 
Land area 110 – 150 m2
Number of floor 3 – 4 – 5 floors
Style architecture Modern architecture combined with local tropical inspiration
Start date 4th quarter of 2022
Time of taking-over (estimate) 4th quarter of 2024
Term of ownership 70 years




Shophouse Paradise Walk is located in the Sun Festival Avenue component of the paradise island of Hon Thom, which is the intersection connecting the beginning and end of the island with the two components Sun Iconic Hub and Sun Retreat Village respectively; linking the East and West banks of Hon Thom as well as two yacht bays; these shophouses are also the place that connects Hon Thom with the “Mediterranean Town” when traveling by cable car. This gives Shophouse Paradise Walk the opportunity to welcome a large number of visitors to Hon Thom Island, and at the same time, it is very convenient to move to other locations throughout the Hon Thom Paradise Island super project complex.

The name Paradise Walk comes from the idea of experiential steps, from walks on Paradise Island. With a location close to the busy East-West boulevard, and at the same time a vital road connecting the two coasts of Paradise Island, to Paradise Walk, going from the East to the West coast, along the busy boulevard, visitors will be immersed in the experience from sunrise on the East Coast to sunset on the West Coast, feel the architecture from ancient to modern, and explore the bustling bustle of the world of colorful entertainment.  Every step is a new discovery, a new experience, a new level of emotions. All bring a complete journey to the central entertainment paradise – A colorful journey in every step.

Paradise Walk’s prime location:

– Center of Paradise Island

– Flat terrain, no drops

– Shophouse with 2 most prime frontages on Paradise Island

– Connection point between 2 coasts -> 2 priceless gifts that nature gives to humans

– East Coast: There is Chuong Beach – Watch the sunrise

– West Coast: There is South Beach – Watch the sunset

– Between two luxury marinas on the East and West coasts.



Shophouse Paradise Walk has unique architectural features, harmony between indigenous culture and modern breath, between tropical quality and diverse functions, between the colors of sunrise and sunset. With raw material color but improved to adapt to the tropical climate of the island. Commercial townhouse models located on the East-West boulevard have unique features in each house. The 106 apartments are 106 different architectures but still have architectural similarities.


Some apartments are designed with roofs, dome windows, round balcony shapes, glass railings, some apartments use bar door shapes, cubic doors… but mainly use carpentry materials, natural wood. course. Looking at the whole street, visitors will see diversity but not clutter, with each house model having a unique design.

The entire Paradise Walk street has different architectures, alternating heights between 3 – 4 – 5 storey units. Of which 3-storey apartments account for 29%, 4-storey apartments account for 63% of the total 106 apartments, convenient for owners to develop F&B restaurant business. 5-storey apartment accounts for 8%, suitable for accommodation services.


1. Shophouse on Avenue 1

Shophouse on Avenue 1 – the central arterial road connecting the 3 components of Paradise Island

Typical size: 7.5×18
– Construction area: ~ 326m2 – 544m2
– Backyard (expected): 5m
Shophouse Avenue 1 possesses the following advantages:

– The project’s largest road with a 12m roadbed
– 100% shophouse direct view Theater, Retail, Cinema complex..
– Extremely close connection to the sea, from the Shophouse to the sea is only about 100m.
– With a radius of 1km, the shophouses connect to 11 amenities easily and conveniently from the yacht or entertainment areas.

2. Shophouse on Avenue 2

Shophouse on Avenue 2 – the only shophouses with 2 frontages

Typical DT: 7.5×16 | 7×16 | 7.5×17
Total construction area: ~297m2 – 555m2
Distance between 2 rows of SH: 16m
Two road frontages: 7m – 10m
The central square axis is ~ 500m long

Shophouse Avenue 2 possesses advantages:

– Architectural diversity in each block, with heterogeneous heights from 3 – 4 – 5 floors attracts attention and colorful shopping space
– Possesses 2 frontages with 7 – 10m wide roads, convenient for vehicles or business activities of the owner.
– Is the main and shortest axis connecting the two beaches of Bai Nam and Bai Chuong with a distance of only 1km
– It is a “must go through” route for every tourist every time they land on Paradise Island.
– The 500m long main square will be the gathering place for nightlife entertainment activities, converging endless business and commercial potential.


Going from East to West, along the busy boulevard, visitors will be immersed in the experience from sunrise on the East coast to sunset on the West coast, feeling the diverse architecture from ancient to modern. Shophouse models are designed differently and uniquely and explore the colorful world of entertainment: Sunshine Theater, Sunset Square, Aquatopia Water Park, Exotica Village, Hon Thom Cable Car Arrival Station, Clubhouse Sunrise Beach …

– The center connects 2 beaches: South Beach on the West Coast and Bai Chuong on the East Coast

– 1 minute to move to Sun Retreat Village component

– 1 minute to the Moc Xa Thinh No wooden roller coaster

– 2 minutes to the Eagle Eye observation tower

– Connecting Retail, F&B areas, Anh Duong theater complex, cinemas…

– 3 minutes to Hon Thom cable car

– 3 minutes to Aquatopia water park

– 4 minutes travel to Cruise Bay

– 5 minutes to The Sailing Bay, The Santo Port

– 10 minutes to the coral diving area, Sea Walker, Aquarium

– 20 minutes travel to Sunset Town, Kiss bridge, Kiss The Stars vortex show, Khem Beach…


Nhat Khang Realty is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Paradise Walk subdivision apartment fund for the first – second quarter of 2023.

For more information, please contact hotline: 091 290 6012 (Mr.Thanh) or leave a question in the information box below the page.

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